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Stainless Steel Chains

With the development of the times, the superb technology, stainless steel chain is more and more popular and liked by people.

Stainless steel chain and silver chain can be comparable, and the stainless steel chain have more advantageous than silver chain, it more durable and will never fade color, the most important factor is the price is more cheaper than silver.

We have ball chain, rope chain, O rings chain, box chain, snake chain, pearl chain, cowboy chain, curb chain, figaro chain, cross chain, water wave chain, ombre chain, lips chain...
The size from 1mm to 12mm, even 14mm~ 18mm, according to your requirements.
Color can be customized as gold, rose-gold, black, gun, blue, brown and ect, by PVD plating, which will not fade color within 2 years.

For stainless steel chians, Cold Jewellery is the great choice for you!