Fashion Bracelet

Jewelry is an indispensable part of our lives, and fashion bracelets is an indispensable part of the jewelry!

Every people will have 1pc or more pieces of bracelet, man, women, kids... Fashion bracelets will make your more beautiful/ handsome, elegance and fashion, will make your life more wonderful, happy and full of funny!

When attend a party, a bling bling bracelet match your dressing, make you shine and catch everyone‘s eyes.
When at work, a fashion bracelet will make your black suit is not so rigid, add some vitality and fashion.
When on vacation, fashion bracelets more indispensable, you can wear 1pc or many pieces of bracelet you like, according to your outfits and mood, make your vacation funny and stylish.

Cold Jewellery have various kinds of fashion bracelet for optional, different material, stainless steel, brass, leather... OEM & ODM orders welcome also!

Let the fashion bracelet make the world, the people more happier and fashion!

Fashion Bangles

The fashion bangle/ cuff has become an all-season hit! It goes great with many different materials like base metals, beads, plastics and more. Fashion bangles is always a good choice with a simple and elegant outfit, brightening your look and amazing others at a glance.
A wide range of quality and well-priced competitive fashion bangles are available at Cold Jewellery.


Cufflinks gained their popularity back in the seventeenth century. They were created by men who desired to have something more sophisticated on their clothes other than buttons. In the past men created cufflinks by attaching a gold and silver button to a small chain, and then pulled them through the hole of a cuff to keep both the shirt and the jacket attached.

In time, cufflinks were beginning to be used for the most sophisticated men. Men who wore tuxedos or any type of formal and informal wear were often found with the most decorative cufflinks.

At recently, cufflinks is the indispensable accessories for men. On the kind of sense, cufflinks is identity, status, a symbol of taste.


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Cold Jewellery will closed for Chinese New Year Holiday from 9th, Feb ~~ 25th, Feb, 2018! Will back to work on 26th, Feb, 2018. Kindly please arrange your order and order plan accordingly, thanks!


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Cold Jewellery is a leading fashion, environmentally friendly and safe high-quality stainless steel jewelry China manufacture. All of our stainless steel jewelry is made by 316L stainless steel material, highly polish, b...


The Finest Fathers Day Gifts To Make Dad Feel Special

Father‘s day, the best gifts is company. And a pair of exquisite jewellery cuff links, perhaps more able to express the gratitude and love for your father, because cuff links like a father‘s love, low-key and reserved!...