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Types of Cufflinks

Types of Cufflinks

Cufflinks gained their popularity back in the seventeenth century. They were created by men who desired to have something more sophisticated on their clothes other than buttons. In the past men created cufflinks by attaching a gold and silver button to a small chain, and then pulled them through the hole of a cuff to keep both the shirt and the jacket attached.

In time, cufflinks were beginning to be used for the most sophisticated men. Men who wore tuxedos or any type of formal and informal wear were often found with the most decorative cufflinks.
At recently, cufflinks is the indispensable accessories for men. On the kind of sense, cufflinks is identity, status, a symbol of taste.

Choosing different types of cufflinks certainly isn’t brain surgery or as critical as cracking the code on a difficult mathematical equation. It’s all about fun and fashion! But still, putting some thought into the cuff link styles you like and the cufflink closures that are most practical is a meaningful process in its own way. When you want to make the right style impression that complements your overall look and personal preference, it pays to learn about the types of cufflinks you can choose from.

Below is some introduction of the types of cufflinks closure, hope it will help you understand more about the cufflinks.

1. Whale Back Closure/ Flip back closure
This other style of cufflink is designed with a flat post called a “whale tail” attached at the end of the link. The whale end flips and lays flat against the post, which then inserts into the button holes. After fitting firmly into the button hole, the whale tail end flips back and secures the cufflink in place.

2. Bullet Back Closure
These are the most common types of cufflink backings. They are the easiest to put on because the style has a torpedo capsule that is suspended between two separate posts. The bullet can be flipped on its axis to bring it through the buttonhole and then be flipped horizontally to secure the cufflink on the cuff.

3. Fixed Back
This fixed backing is an extension of the cufflink, which means that the post and backing are the same piece and are on the reverse side of the cufflink face. Because the backing does not move and some of them are rounded or pointed you made find it harder to insert into the holes. But, because fixed backing cufflinks have no moving parts, they are more durable in the long run.

4. Chain Link
These are the most traditional type of cufflinks. They are just what they sound like, they have a chain. Chain links have two sides that are joined by a chain. These links are not the easiest to put on so it is necessary to be experienced in the cufflink department. This traditional cufflink is not only timelessly elegant, but by wearing this link allows you too see the design from both sides of the sleeve.

5. Reversible
Give yourself two wonderful looks with just one cufflink. Reversible cufflinks are the handiest types of cufflinks you can invest in. There are various types of reversible cufflinks that can be purchased. The most popular reversible cufflinks are ones with different, yet complimentary colors. These links can add a pop of color to any shirt of suits.

6. Ball Return
These are a cufflinks that consist of a gold or silver ball. These cufflinks are simple to put on and can provide you with the looseness of the chain backing. The balls on ball return cufflinks have a more beautiful appeal than normal bullet or plain fixed backing. Although not as common as the whale back closure, these will sure get the trick done!

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