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Trends in the mens jewelry --Rose gold jewelry

Trends in the mens jewelry - Rose gold jewelry

Trends in the mens jewelry department are increasing year after year. Previously held to be one of the slowest segments of fashion to evolve, the market for mens jewelry is growing faster than anyone had ever expected. And one trend that really took many by surprise involves the curious case of rose gold jewelry for men.

Popular among women for decades, rose gold jewelry is going over the fence and attracting the attention of male buyers today. Designers and retailers are getting positive feedback and higher profits as their collections and inventory incorporated rose gold jewelry for men. Watches, necklaces, and rings, either made of rose gold or have rose gold accents, are proving to be in demand today, not just to women but also to men.

Some might find it strange that a delicate colored metal like rose gold, which is also sometimes called pink gold, will start to attract attention from men. But many industry leaders associate the rising popularity of rose gold jewelry for men to various factors. One is due to its exclusivity and non-traditional look. At the moment, the quantity of rose gold jewelry for men are still small when compared to the number of available white metal jewelry like platinum, silver, and stainless steel. Due to its “rarity,” men who wear rose gold jewelry stand out. The metal is also found to be popular among young, urban professionals who are looking for jewelry that have a distinct and unique characteristic that cannot be easily mistaken to be another metal, like when an untrained eye can misidentify platinum as white gold. Rose gold jewelry for men has such a distinguishable look that anyone who sees it will immediately know or if not, will most likely inquire what it is.

Also, the saying “only real men wear pink” might be a factor to the limited quantity. Though the demand for rose gold jewelry for men is increasing many people still associate the color pink as feminine, which might be the reason why manufacturers had limited their production of rose gold jewelry for men in the past. Interestingly, pink is historically associated to masculine qualities because it is a shade of red, a color attributed to fire and aggression, while blue is associated to feminine qualities, a color attributed to water and calmness. Nevertheless, the demand today for rose gold jewelry for men is steadily growing that many high-end designers and manufacturers are increasing their inventory, offering more choices to consumers.

Once only available for royalty, retailers who can offer rose gold jewelry for more men today have great opportunity to lead and gain profits. As of the moment, many rose gold jewelry collections out there are high-end but affordable alternatives like ion-plated stainless steel pieces are now available. There are men who are not conscious at how much they spend for style, but for the budget-conscious majority, rose gold stainless steel jewelry gives retailers a chance to offer affordable and on trend pieces to their consumers. Rose gold has been available for thousands of years and many high-end designers have been benefiting from its unique look for decades. Introducing it first to a marketplace or segment can help retailers leverage themselves to be pioneers and increase their profits.

It is great to see that many men are now being open to various new styles. Fashion trends have always been a reflection of society as people continually express their personalities and philosophies through what they wear. No one can say how long the popularity of rose gold jewelry for men will last… it can be just for this season or it can be as enduring as denim. But when people are open to change and willing to try something new, that is always a good thing because it only means that we are constantly changing and striving to be stylish, and to be better than we were before.

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